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The Power of the Dream

The Power of the Dream

Today I am writing about dreams, which when I think about my life is a strange concept. You see, I gave up dreams, as in aspirations, when I was quite young.

When I was in high school I made a conscious decision that—no matter what they taught, no matter what society at large wanted us to believe—dreams did not come true. That decision set the tone of my life for many years to come. In my own unique way, not believing in dreams was a rebellion because giving up any thought of aspirations relieved me of responsibility for becoming a productive part of society. Interestingly enough, even though I had closed myself off to possibilities, I continued to encourage the people around me to do the exact opposite—to dream. Nothing was beyond their reach.

In my twenties I changed my tune somewhat. I came face-to-face with my own hypocrisy. (Years of counseling and introspection will do that for you!) I had begun to realize that there were too many leaders (and I don’t necessarily mean people in high positions), who against all odds reached their aspirations, so I decided while dreams did come true for some people, I wasn’t one of them.

I became a parent in my late twenties and that again changed my paradigm. I was not going to put a stop to my daughter’s dreams regardless of how I felt about them. Through the years I continued to grow. I think my daughter taught me as much about life as I taught her—perhaps more! And to this day our lives are parallel, as if I had to gain as much maturity as she did. We grew up together, you might say.

Here I am in my sixties and what do I find myself becoming? A DreamBuilder! I remember the day so clearly. It was Black Friday and I was paging through Facebook. I saw an Udemy ad for a life coaching course—Black Friday Sale only $10.99! Something inside me went—click. I hungerly devoured the course and was left wanting. It just wasn’t quite enough. I needed more…back again to Facebook and I see what I think is a quiz. I like quizzes, so I hit the button. It was a quiz with a twist because it pinpointed limiting beliefs. Okay, I’ll play and…it pegged me. I listened to the teaser—don’t leave this page until you’ve heard me out—and signed up for a free webinar. Natalie Ledwell and Mary Morrissey gave a master class that changed the course of my life. As they spoke about limiting beliefs, l was drawn to Mary. I hung on her every word. She spoke to a place deep within me. By the time they were done I had decided to invest in myself. That place inside me that I call my intuition had once again gone—click!

I got on Google (Google knows all!) and ran a search for Mary Morrissey. Maybe she had a book or something I could read. Instead I found three videos by her explaining what the Life Mastery Institute looks for in a life coach. She said two words that stick in my memory to this day—transformation and heart-centered. These two words have been my mantra for life, even when I didn’t believe in myself, even when I didn’t believe in dreams.

I filled out an application and actually, I didn’t have much confidence. To date, there are only about 3000 DreamBuilder coaches and (dare I mention it?) this was Dream Building! A week went by and I didn’t hear from them. I pushed it out of mind and continued to study on my own. Then came the call and after a rigorous 90-minute interview in which I spoke my dreams, I was accepted into the program.

To paraphrase, Mary Morrissey, everything is created twice—first in thought and then brought to the level of manifestation. First we think it, then we create it. Consider some of the great DreamBuilders—Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, the Wright Brothers. They all had dreams that changed the world. Today I’d like you to consider your dreams. Drop a comment below and begin your own journey of building a life you love living.

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