January…the month for doing a review of the previous year. What did we like? What didn’t we like…

Then we set an intention and began the process of transformation. We had identified a problem and decided on a possible solution.

I’ll use my own life as an example.

I want to reach more people who have been forced to create a virtual business because COVID-19 made changes in the way we conduct, well, depending on where you live—everything!

My problem is finding those people and my solution is more visibility.

What happens energetically when we set an intention? We begin the process of transformation…

Two opposing energies (want/don’t want) come together and spark change!

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was instantaneous? Well…maybe not.

Last June I attended a 3-day event called DreamBuilder Live. It’s an incredibly inspiring event with Mary Morrissey. At one point she said,

“Who you become… is more important than the dream.”

Our intention causes us to stretch toward our aspiration, toward a new Vision for our life.

We create a gap between where we are and where we want to be. A gap between our comfort zone and our Vision.

We need to build a bridge so we can cross over and into our Vision. I call this process the Journey of Becoming.

I like the analogy of the caterpillar. The caterpillar spends his life eating, eating, eating so he can build a chrysalis and have enough energy to live through the process of transforming into a butterfly.

People learn, learn, learn, and gather resources so they can “become” the person who lives in that Vision.

You know the adage, it’s the journey not the destination? The journey is the process of becoming. You set the intention to have this life you imagined and begin stretching toward the Vision.

Sometimes we look at that gap and doubt our ability to cross it. Other times we work, work, work and don’t see results as quickly as we thought we would. Because we didn’t see results on our timetable we quit…

Because we have not embraced Becoming…

“Who you become… is more important than the dream.”

There are no wasted journeys, no wrong paths, no wrong turns…

I don’t think the caterpillar knows he will turn into a beautiful butterfly. He simply pursues his purpose, creates his chrysalis, and Becomes!

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