I am a transformational, heart-centered life coach and I have taken the very same steps I will guide you through. Together we will design a dream and transform that dream into a life you love living.

My life has always been focused on helping people and for over 30 years I have been guiding people towards living their best lives.

I began my career in 1974 working for a small residential facility serving clients with behavioral health challenges. While employed, I trained in gestalt therapy and supportive-encounter with Thomas A. Munson, M.D., founder of the Gestalt Institute in La Jolla, California and assisted in occupational therapy using music, art, and recreational activities to support clients in growing and improving interpersonal skills.

I studied General Semantics, communications and spiritual counseling with Wally Skaggs, founder of Rancho Pino Mental Health Facility and the New Age Christian Church and Wisdom school. In 1993,  I was awarded a Bachelor of arts in spiritual counseling, a Master of theology in 1998 and went on to become an ordained minister.

Seeing an unmet need in my community, I studied addictions counseling at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, graduating in 2006 magna cum laude.

Wanting to ever grow and evolve, I studied life coaching with Kain Ramsey, founder of Achology, an international community focused on teaching multidisciplinary practitioners and concurrently began, and completed, my studies with Mary Morrissey and Life Mastery Institute.

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